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Music: Union House Releases Debut Album "Manifesto"

union house

07/30/14 - Buy Union House's latest album.

Union House is comprised of Maine natives Ric Bruns (vocals and guitar), Greg Lunn (vocal and guitar) and Chas Bruns (drums and bass). They have just released their debut album "Manifesto".

Click here for their Facebook page.

Click here to listen to samples and download the album.

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Music: KahBang Festival Leaving Bangor For Portland - Portland Accepts With Open Arms

kahbang portland

07/17/14 - The rumors have just been confirmed. Due to slow pre-sales and some budget constraints, the KahBang festival has decided to move to Portland, Maine. CEO, Josh Gass, says there were a variety of factors which led him to make the decision, but ultimately it was the City of Bangor's decision not to allow camping on the waterfront that finally pushed him to make the move.

So much for KahBang in Bangor becoming like SXSW in Austin. Looks like Portland is going to reap those rewards now...

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Music: The Mavericks To Perform In Portland, Maine

the mavericks maine

05/05/14 - Buy The Mavericks latest album. Ticket Link

The Mavericks on Friday, May 9th at the State Theatre.

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Music: The Trouble With Templeton Premiere Rookie

trouble with templeton maine

05/05/14 - Buy The Trouble With Templeton's latest album.

Bella Union are pleased to announce the debut album from recent signing The Trouble With Templeton, whose Rookie LP will be released May 13th.

Already a huge success in Australia, The Trouble With Templeton is the creation of singer/songwriter Thomas Calder, the 23-year-old who formed the band in 2011. The following year saw TTWT expand to a 5-piece, the new members complimenting Calder’s emotive vocals and songwriting with a collaborative, self-assured sound.

Adventurous, eccentric and stunningly melodic, Rookie is an album that leaves a distinct musical impression. With their debut release The Trouble With Templeton have crafted a record full of warmth and heart, whilst displaying a willingness to make music that’s not afraid to affect or surprise. “The only prerequisite we had going in was that if we loved the song and we believe in it, then we were going to record it,” says Thomas. “The element of surprise is something we really enjoy in music, something we’re always shooting for. You don’t want to know where a song is going from the first two lines.”As a result, the album is a whirling dervish of moods and colours, of tempos and genres, melodies and layers, tackling concepts behind relationships and the way unique human narratives emerge from different viewpoints.

Musically, defining Rookie beyond a happily all-encapsulating idea like ‘intelligent melodic alt-pop’ isn’t worth the hassle. It’s an album that demands listening to in order to be understood. “It’s held together by something undefinable,” reckons Thomas. “For me it’s a whole kaleidoscope of sounds and genres, but there’s something holding it together, and that’s us as a band.”

Before signing to Bella Union, The Trouble With Templeton released the single 'Six Months In A Cast' on the Communion label, the video of which can be viewed HERE.

Rookie will be released May 13th on Bella Union.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Music: Grand Master Flash To Perform In Portland, Maine


05/05/14 - Buy Grand Master Flash's latest album. Ticket Link

GRANDMASTER FLASH on Friday, July 11th, 2014.

Tickets On Sale Friday, May 9th at 10AM $15.00 General Admission – 18+ PLUS ANY APPLICABLE FEES DEPENDING ON PURCHASE OUTLET Tickets available via PortlandAsylum.com, TicketWeb.com and the Asylum Box Office

There are lots of stories about the birth of jazz and the beginning of rock n’ roll, but hip-hop has founding fathers: one of them is DJ Grandmaster Flash.

In the early 70’s Joseph Saddler was living in the South Bronx and studying electrical engineering. However, Saddler, a native of the Bronx, had a much deeper passion for music; he had been experimenting with his father’s vinyl since he was an adolescent. His knowledge of audio equipment led him to an idea that would revolutionize music: the turntable would become his instrument.

The career of DJ Grandmaster Flash began in the Bronx with neighborhood block parties that essentially were the start of hip-hop—the dawn of a musical genre. He was the first DJ to physically lay his hands on the vinyl and manipulate it in a backward, forward or counterclockwise motion, when most DJs simply handled the record by the edges, put down the tone arm, and let it play. Those DJs let the tone arm guide their music, but Flash marked up the body of the vinyl with crayon, fluorescent pen, and grease pencil—and those markings became his compass.

He invented the Quick Mix Theory, which included techniques such as the double-back, back-door, back-spin, and phasing. This allowed a DJ to make music by touching the record and gauging its revolutions to make his own beat and his own music. Flash’s template grew to include cuttin’, which, in turn, spawned scratching, transforming, the Clock Theory and the like. He laid the groundwork for everything a hip hop DJ can do with a record today, other than just letting it play. What we call a DJ today is a role that Flash invented.

By the end of the 70s, Flash had started another trend that became a hallmark of hip-hop: emcees asked to rap over his beats. Before long, he started his own group, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Their reputation grew up around the way the group traded off and blended their lyrics with Flash’s unrivaled skills as a DJ and his acrobatic performances—spinning and cutting vinyl with his fingers, toes, elbows, and any object at hand.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five went Platinum with their single, “The Message.” Meanwhile, the single “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” introduced hip hop DJing to a larger listening audience than it had ever known before; it became the first DJ composition to be recorded by a DJ. The group’s fame only grew with “Superappin,” “Freedom,” “Larry’s Dance Theme,” and “You Know What Time It Is.” Punk and new wave fans were introduced to Flash through Blondie, who immortalized him in their hit, “Rapture.”

The rock n’ roll establishment also recognized Flash with an honor no one else in hip hop has received: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five became the first hip hop group ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Flash is also the only hip hop DJ to ever receive that honor.

By the time the 90s rolled around, Flash was hand picked by Chris Rock to spend five years as the music director for his groundbreaking HBO series, The Chris Rock Show. More recently, Flash has played for audiences as large as the Super Bowl and as elite as Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

Today, Flash has a weekly show on Sirius Radio, The Flash Mash on Hot Jams 50. The show is a kaleidoscopic mash-up of Flash’s tastes, spanning just about any genre from just about any corner of the world; it airs on Saturdays from 5-8pm.

On top of his induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Flash has been the recipient of many awards, including VH1 Hip Hop Honors; The Icon Award from BET in honor of his contribution to hip hop as a DJ; The Lifetime Achievement Award from the RIAA; and Bill Gates’ Vanguard Award.

Although Flash has been in the business for many years, he shows no sign of slowing down: this coming year promise, a new album, and he will began his descent from the analog vinyl world of DJing to enter the digital world of DJing. His DJ application of choice will be “Traktor Scratch” by Native Instruments. Grandmaster Flash’s memoirs, The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash – My Life My Beats is slated to hit bookstores on June 10. The book is penned by David Ritz, author of both Marvin Gaye’s and Ray Charles’ biographies. In this extraordinary book, Grandmaster Flash sets down Hip Hop history,sharing for the first time his personal and difficult life story—along with no small amount of wisdom and experience.

The Smithsonian Museum of American History in honor of Black History Month has opened its exhibit RECOGNIZE! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture that Grandmaster Flash along with other hip hop artist such as LL Cool J, Erykah Badu and Common will be featured. The exhibition opened on February 8 and will be throughout October 8, 2008.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Music: Dierks Bentley To Perform In Portland, Maine

Dierks Bentley maine

05/05/14 - Buy Grand Dierks Bentley's latest album. Ticket Link

Dierks Bentley Riser 2014 Tour on Thursday, June 12th, 2014.

Maine State Pier - Portland, ME Individual Show Tickets On Sale Friday, May 9th at 10:00AM

Portland, ME - Waterfront Concerts and the City of Portland are happy to announce another calendar date for the Machias Savings Bank Concert Series at the Maine State Pier with the addition of the award winning singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley's 2014 Riser Tour which is set to take place on Thursday, June 12th!

"This tour is the culmination of everything I've been working on for the past two years, both out on the road and in the studio recording RISER," said Bentley. "I know what my fans want: a kick ass show, an affordable ticket and a good parking lot scene to get the pre-gaming going! The guys opening the show and getting the party started all know how to put on a great live show, and when it comes time for my set, I can promise that we are going big! I have never been more excited about a tour."

With ten years experience honing his stage skills, Bentley's live show continues to catch the attention of critics, who have called it "dynamic" and note his continued devotion to interacting with the fans and creating "a nearly nonstop, high energy affair heavy with hits" (Reading Eagle).

"... it's hard to imagine many country stars topping Bentley, who soon made use of every inch of his big two-tier stage. The Arizona native immediately incited the boisterous crowd with a trio of amped-up hits."

– The Oklahoman

"From the initial response from the crowd, he wasn't the only one who wanted to have a little fun. The Capitol recording artist continued to keep up the intensity throughout his performance, and with a long history at radio -- including ten number ones - he was able to keep the hits coming."

– Billboard

"His own energy level running flat out the whole time, Bentley used every square foot of the gigantic concert stage. Sometimes he'd start out singing at one end of it, and end up singing on a microphone at the other end, or up on risers at the back of the intricate stage set, or out at the end of the runway. He definitely gave the audience a show."

– Times Record News

Bentley lifted the tour name from his upcoming studio album RISER which was released on Feb. 25. Its title track is a song about resilience and determination and sets the tone of the album demonstrating a new artistic depth and an extra level of intensity for Bentley. Throughout his unpredictable career, Bentley has mixed elements of modern country, classic country, bluegrass and rock, maintaining an unmistakable identity while constantly reinventing his sound. His last album HOME debuted at No. one on the Billboard Country Album Charts and spawned three consecutive chart-topping hits, marking 10 career No. one songs for Bentley as a singer and songwriter. His five previous studio albums have sold more than five million copies and earned 11 GRAMMY nominations, countless CMA, ACM and CMT nominations and membership at the Grand Ole Opry.

General Public Ticket Sale Begins FRIDAY, MAY 9th AT 10:00AM

Tickets prices range from $40.75 to $60.75 General Admission & Reserved Seating


Tickets available via waterfrontconcerts.com, all Ticketmaster outlets, charge-by-phone at 1-800-745-3000

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Music: Portland Reggae Fest!

Freddie McGregor maine

05/02/14 - Buy Freddie McGregor's latest album. Ticket Link Portland Reggae Fest on Sunday, August 10th, 2014 at the Maine State Pier in Portland, ME. Individual Show Tickets On Sale Friday, May 9th at 10:00AM

Portland, ME --- Waterfront Concerts and the City of Portland have teamed up to bring you the First Annual Portland Reggae Fest LIVE at the Maine State Pier on August 10th as part of the Machias Savings Bank Concert Series. With an incredible line-up that showcases the best and brightest of today’s reggae and world music talent the Portland Reggae Fest will include such artists as Freddie McGregor, John Brown’s Body, Mighty Mystic, Etana, New Kingston and Soul Rebel Project.

Portland Reggae Fest is made possible with the support of the City of Portland and Maine Green Drinks of Portland and Bangor.

Tickets for Portland Reggae Fest will go on sale this Friday, May 9th at 10:00am and can be purchased online via Waterfrontconcerts.com, all Ticketmaster Outlets or Charge-By-Phone at 1-800-745-3000.

Of the legendary, first-generation reggae pioneers that remain with us, very few have a résumé as deep or a career as celebrated as that of Freddie McGregor—a man who has not only been a part of reggae music through every stage of its development, but has also helped to shape it at virtually every stage.

Freddie McGregor is one of reggae’s most durable and soulful singers, with an incredibly steady career that started in the ’60s at the tender age of seven years old. Since then, he’s spanned every stylistic shift in Jamaican music, from ska and rock steady to Rastafarian roots reggae to lover’s rock to dancehall, ragga, and dub. Not just a singer, he wrote many of his own material, and grew into an accomplished producer. During reggae’s heyday of the early ’80s, Freddie peaked in popularity in Jamaica and England to emerge as one of reggae music’s great music ambassadors.

Even though reggae music is blessed with talented singers, few possess the vocal technique and a natural singing ability of Grammy-nominated Freddie McGregor. Equally adept as a romantic crooner and strong cultural messenger, Freddie has a voice unlike any other, one that he forged from influences both Jamaican and American, in particular the sounds of Philly-style soul music. Some of his early hits were American soul cover singles, such as "Just Don't Want to Be Lonely" and "Can I Change My Mind."

After slowing his pace in the late ’90s, McGregor returned in 2000 with the acclaimed “Signature.” He followed it two years later with the Grammy-nominated “Anything for You.” In 2005 he released “Comin’ in Tough” featuring guest appearances the likes of Marcia Griffiths. Over the next few years, McGregor shifted to mentoring his musical sons Stephen-Di Genius and Chino. Stephen would work on his father’s 2013 release, Di Captain with tracks like “Standing Strong,” a redo of his early hit and “Move Up Jamaica,” an anthem celebrating 50 years of Jamaican independence.

His first studio album in a decade, Di Captain-Freddie McGregor takes his rightful place once again at the forefront of modern reggae music. A quick glance at the song credits of the album shows how long and successful the Captain's voyage has been. The album represents an A-List of who is who in reggae today, from the great bass-and-drum duos of Mafia & Fluxy to Steely & Clevie and session aces like saxophonist Dean Fraser and keyboardist Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie. Former Heptones front man Leroy Sibbles lends his talents as a bass player on several tracks, including the excellent remake of the Heptones’s "Equal Rights." This is the album reggae fans the world over has been demanding.

With a new album in hand; Freddie’s return to the touring scene nicely summarizes the contribution he has made and continues to make to reggae and the world: his is a deep and multifaceted talent with roots extending back to the earliest days of this music, but he is dedicated to moving into the future with hope and positivity. “Bob Marley took this music to a real high level,” he observes, “ and we should all try to keep it there.” Captain of the Big Ship is doing just that.


John Brown’s Body formed (in Boston in the mid 1990s) at a time when there wasn’t what you’d call a U.S. reggae scene. The American bands that played reggae were regional at best, touring little, and many were primarily cover bands of the best known Jamaican reggae. JBB was one of a handful of groups that began touring nationally and created distinctly American reggae, steeped in traditional vibes but incorporating elements from other genres. Whereas most groups tackled typical reggae themes –religion and marijuana – JBB acted more like an indie band, writing songs that used the vocabulary of reggae to express their own experiences. Over time, this style has become the norm. The U.S. scene has grown tremendously – to the point of having two bands debut records in the Billboard Top 20 in 2012 – and many in the genre point to John Brown’s Body as a key influence.

However, this is not your typical story of an influential band doing what they did 20 years ago now trying to cash in on the movement they helped foment. Because a funny thing happened along the way for John Brown’s Body – they evolved and grew, taking their music ever forward, and have continued to influence the scene as much today – some might even say more so today – than they did at the start. The band’s relentless touring schedule helped pave the way for the nationwide scene, showing other bands that it was okay to be from the Northeast and still be comfortable playing in California, Hawaii, Colorado or Iowa. Early on, members of the band formed their own record label to highlight their local scene, which has since become the norm in many pockets of the scene. JBB delved deeply into dub effects from the start, incorporating elements of electronic music well before that became standard for today’s bands. Yet, JBB is somehow still utterly unique within the scene, even after two decades at work, which brings us back to the record at hand.

The group’s last full-length record, Amplify (#1 on the Billboard Reggae chart in 2008), was extremely forward-thinking, steeped in electronic effects. Last Fall’s JBB IN DUB EP (#1 on iTunes’ Reggae Chart) stripped things down to the bedrock elements of reggae. Kings And Queens utilizes the best aspects of both these records, while bringing back much more of the classic JBB sound into the mix and production. This is reinforced by working with engineer Matt Saccuccimorano, who worked on some of the band’s earliest successful albums, and the involvement on numerous songs by former guitarist/keyboardist Nate “Silas” Richardson. Bassist Nate Edgar continues to astonish with his nimble and muscular bass lines. The bass and drums have always been at the center of Martin’s songwriting, but in Edgar and founding drummer Tommy Benedetti, he has found his most spectacular partners-in-crime. Martin has crafted his strongest batch of songs ever, coupled with startling horn lines written by the JBB Horns. Saying the JBB Horns are an influential bunch is no small talk, considering past alums have gone on to play for Slightly Stoopid as well as form the eclectically amazing band Rubblebucket.


Considered one of the leaders in the U.S Reggae Movement, reggae artist Mighty Mystic’s fresh sound and musical diversity has proved to be a magnet for music lovers in search of that next level sound that has been missing in the reggae genre. It has attracted listeners of all ages, and from all walks of life. A charismatic man on a mission: Mighty Mystic has gone from being a fan of reggae music, to being a contributor to the art.

Mighty Mystic hoped on the scene in 2006 after scoring his first international hit with song “Riding on the Clouds”. However it wasn’t until the release of his first album “Wake up the World” (2010) that he became a household name.

“Wake up the World” boasted several standouts such as “Revolution”, “Better Times” “Original Love” & Slipped Away with appearance from reggae icon Shaggy and roots rocker Lutan Fyah. Mystic continues to wake up the world with his high energy, message driven brand of reggae music which he emphatically calls “HARD ROOTS”. It is this unique spin on classic reggae that has catapulted him to the forefront of today’s Reggae Revival.


Hailing from Brooklyn New York, 3 brothers led by their father Courtney Panton Sr, who also plays bass on stage with the group call themselves "NEW KINGSTON". Together they incorporate R&B, Hip-Hop and Jazz with their heritage genre Reggae to form their sound. They have released: two full-length albums, In The Streets (2010) featuring Collie Buddz, & Mr. Vegas and Kingston University (2012) featuring J. Boog.

Fall of 2013 saw New Kingston cross the United States on their first major solo tour. Joining the band on their “Madd Tour 2013,” will be Indubious, Thrive, & Spread The Dub on select dates. Also will be supporting SOJA, Easy Star All-Stars & John Brown's Body on select dates. The tour started in Austin, TX heading all the way West then back east ending in Washington D.C

Formed in 2006 in the basement of their Brooklyn home before they took to the outside world, brothers Tahir (keys), Courtney Jr. (drums) & Stephen (guitar) jammed over and over to Bob Marley, Earth Wind & Fire, Dennis Brown, Michael Jackson, The Whispers and many more until it sounded right to Courtney Panton Sr. He wanted their vocabulary of music to be very eclectic before they hit a stage! "If you ask New Kingston if we still know all those songs, the answer is yes lol" says drummer Courtney Jr. "But they were all favorites that we loved and forever listened to.”

Afterwards, they have performed to other basements and backyards around town to clubs to Festivals worldwide such as; California Roots Festival, Monterey Bay Reggae Festival, Reggae On The River, Summer Jam Germany, Uppsala Reggae Festival and many more.... Starting a heavy touring cycle supporting Reggae stars such as Collie Buddz, The Green, Soja, Beres Hammond and much more... "Only thing left to come is more touring and more music" says keyboardist Tahir.

New Kingston promotes through their music and their live show Family, Love and Harmony. "One Love" from NK.

General Public Ticket Sale Begins

FRIDAY, MAY 9th AT 10:00AM Tickets prices range from $30.00 to $40.00


Tickets available via waterfrontconcerts.com, all Ticketmaster outlets, charge-by-phone at 1-800-745-3000

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Music: Maine Youth Rock Orchestra To Perform In Portland, Maine

Lyle Divinsky maine

05/05/14 - Buy Lyle Divinsky's latest album. Ticket Link Maine Youth Rock Orchestra feat. Lyle Divinsky and Sara Hallie Richardson on May 8th at the Port City Music Hall.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Music: M.I.A To Perform In Portland, Maine

m.i.a. maine

05/02/14 - Buy M.I.A.'s latest album. Ticket Link M.I.A. with A$AP Ferg on May 6th at the State Theatre.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

Music: Trapt To Perform In Portland, Maine

Trapt maine

04/17/14 - Buy Trapt's latest album. Ticket Link

TRAPT on Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Tickets On Sale Friday, May 2nd at 10AM $16.00 General Admission – 18+ PLUS ANY APPLICABLE FEES DEPENDING ON PURCHASE OUTLET Tickets available via PortlandAsylum.com, TicketWeb.com and the Asylum Box Office

Trapt is an American rock band that formed in Los Gatos, California in August 1997, best known for their 2003 hit "Headstrong". The group consists of lead singer Chris Taylor Brown, lead guitarist Travis Miguel, drummer Dylan Thomas Howard and bass guitarist Peter Charell. They have released six studio albums to date: Amalgamation, Trapt, Someone in Control, Only Through the Pain, No Apologies and Reborn.

-Brought to you by Robert Thorn.

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