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Art: Alec Bemis
alec bemis

06/26/11 - Check out our friend Alec Bemis' blog because...well...just because.

Art: Cake Attack
cake attack

06/24/11 - Awesome.

Art: Scott Sherman
scott sherman

06/23/11 - Our friend Scott Sherman from Bangor, Maine has an art blog. Check it out here.

Art: 10th Anniversary Of Wet Hot American Summer
wet hot american summer

06/22/11 - Yes, that's right. Wet Hot American Summer is now a decade old. Yes, that means you are old too now. Yes, you're the creepy old camp counsilor who checks out the 16 year old girls during free swim. Just saying. You're that guy now...Anyway, a bunch if paintings have been released for the 10th year anniversary. Check them out here.

Art: 4th Of July Candle
flag candle

06/21/11 - Want a 4th of July candle so you can be the coolest mom at the bbq this summer? I figured you did. Well our friend Amy Ward has a whole bunch to sell right here.

Art: Featherweight T-Rex
balloon trex

06/12/11 - Not as tough now, are ya? Balloon sculpture by Larry Moss.


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Art: Toby Klinger
toby klinger

05/31/11 - Check out our friend Toby Klinger's blog. She's a makeup artist and has some pics of some hot ass chicks. I think you'll enjoy. ( :

Art: The Wanderer
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the wanderer

05/26/11 - I like this.


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Art: Moving Pictures
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moving pictures

04/26/11 - Did you see it? These are cool and creepy at the same time.


-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


Art: Dream Living
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living your dream

04/21/11 - Well?


-News, tips and advice from Betsy Draper.


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